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Christian art in Trento

by Dario Morgante last modified 2008-06-20 15:10

Fancied a holiday in the mountains but couldn't get a hotel? Head for Trento instead. Take a look around its monuments and you'll be charmed by the mediaeval atmosphere of one of Italy's most modern cities.

TrentoIt would be foolhardy to suggest a one-day tour around Trento. There's so much to see and so many things to do . . . So we decided on this "theme tour" - an excellent way to get out and about and give you a taste of all that Trento has to offer.

Trento's churches
Walk through the centre from Piazza Duomo towards Via Cavour, as far as Via Belenzani where you'll see Chiesa di San Francesco Saverio - the Jesuit Church - in front of you. Take a stroll around it to see Palazzo Thun (the city council) and some beautifully decorated houses.
From there go to San Lorenzo's Abbey in Piazza Dante, the abbey is a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture dating from the XIIth Century. Another must-see is the beautiful Chiesa di San Apollinare in the Piedicastello part of town. The church was built between the XIIth and the XIVth centuries on the site of a chapel from the Barbarian era. The church is built in late Romanesque style complete with buttresses, rounded archways, an impressive portal and bell tower with some Gothic influence in its soaring structure.

Palazzo GeremiaPalazzo Geremia
Palazzo Geremia, with its frescoed facade is one of Trento's most beautiful buildings.
The frescoes depict the scenes that took place in the one-time Via Larga (now known as Via Belenzani) when some VIP (an emperor, prince or similar) stopped in Trento on his way to (or from) Germany. In one fresco we can view the arrival of Maximilian of Austria, who lived in Palazzo Geremia between 1508 and 1509. Below that, between the scenes of Muzio Scevola and Curzio Romano, there's an illustration of a rather animated discussion at table where you can spot the Venetian ambassadors in their red gowns.

Il DuomoThe Cathedral
It's always difficult to rate the beauty spots and monuments of a town, but, in the case of Trento, we can safely say that its Duomo is one of the most beautiful churches in Italy. Indeed Piazza del Duomo is ranked amongst Italy's finest, with much of the merit rightly going to Adamo d'Arogno's masterpiece which was built in the XIIIth century. (There's a small square dedicated to the architect at the back entrance of the cathedral.)
The Duomo was built mainly in Romanesque style but has Gothic influences on its facade which with its immense portal complete with 14th Century lunette is a sight to behold.

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