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Dario Morgante

creato da Dario Morgante ultima modifica 17/06/2008 10:37

Originally from, and still living in, Rome, but English too, thanks to mum, from East Ham (London). Born on 11/11/1971... making me a Scorpio with the moon in Virgo. A confirmed film buff but am trying to turn my hobby into a (well-paid!!!) profession.

dario.jpgMarital status
Romantically linked to a wonderful art historian!!!
Scorsese, Coppola, but also Malick and Cameron's Titanic!
Anything electronic, dub, chill out and goa. Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers.
McInerney, Easton Ellis and Leavitt plus Silvia Ballestra and Aldo Nove.
Scripting cartoons which sell very little and editing the magazine "Kerosene" - gratis.
Fav sites:
http://www.imdb.com (the internet movie data base)

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