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Flipped over frittata

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Amaze your friends with this stunningly simple Ligurian-style frittata.

omeletteA frittata is a close relative of the omelette, in which the eggs are beaten lightly then mixed with a filler and then cooked in a pan or skillet. Frittatas play an important part in Italian, and in particular Ligurian cuisine. You can vary this recipe by adding or changing the filler - everyone has a special favourite. Frittata is equally delicious cut into wedges and served as an appetiser with tomatoes or as a substantial side dish accompanying a main course or entrée.
Before you start, don't forget that the secret of cooking Italian is a blend of fresh, seasonal ingredients plus a healthy dose of creativity. So, skip the supermarket and take a trip to your local greengrocer for the best Spring vegetables. Your frittata will taste - and look - even better.

More than an omelette
Serves 4 hungry people:
6 eggs;
1 kg of boiled sliced potatoes, fried off in butter;
100 g of bread crumbs;
100 g of grated parmesan;
1 clove of garlic, crushed;
salt and pepper.

frittataLightly fry the potatoes and put them in a bowl. Soak the breadcrumbs in milk, squeeze out any excess liquid and add them to the potatoes along with the cheese, garlic, marjoram and salt. Beat the eggs and stir them into the other ingredients, mixing well. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and pour in the egg mixture (the frittata should be 3cm thick so choose a suitable pan). Cook the frittata gently until it is firm to touch and the outer edges are golden.
Flip the frittata using a plate and cook the other side. (The less adventurous may prefer not to flip their frittata and can finish it off in the oven.)
Remember, if you use an cast-iron pan rub it clean with paper and salt, then heat it and dry it off with kitchen paper. Never wash it with soap and water.

Fun facts:
Potato lovers should head for Rotzo (Vicenza) during October for the local Potato Festival, where spud addicts can enjoy an unusual polenta, made with potatoes, butter and cinnamon.

Wash down your frittata with a bottle of
Lumassina delle colline savonesi

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