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by Marcello Parmeggiani last modified 2008-06-20 15:13


Around half of the world's museums were opened within the last 50 years. Somewhat older than this is Florence's Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi Gallery is one of the oldest and most important galleries in the world and each year boasts more than more than 1.5 million visitors, who cannot however stop the gallery from operating at a loss. Last year, for example, the gallery's earnings were 15 billion LIT while it spent a further 25 billion LIT on day-to-day management and maintenance. A decisive factor in the equation is the antiquated Italian tax system which requires museums to pay partially non-deductible tax on all new acquisitions.
(Figures: "Ipotesi per una finanza al servizio della cultura", Florence Chamber of Commerce, 2000)

FREETIME Row your boat
Is Italy still a land of sailors and explorers? According to a survey carried out at this year's Genoa Boat Show, it would appear so. Although figures were understandably low, the Italian boat market marked an increase of 30% for the year 2000. The sharpest increase was in the lower end of the market, with an unexpected surge in sales of small boats and dinghies.
(Figures: Ucina, 2000)

TOURISM Ich bin ein tourist
Italian hoteliers registered a boom in tourism during the first nine months of the year 2000. The number of German visitors increased by 5.4% (13.021) compared to the same period in 1999; indeed, more foreign holidaymakers are from Germany than any other country. However this year's flourish in tourism is largely due to the Jubilee, and the increase in American and Japanese tourists that it has brought about (American and Japanese tourism to Italy is up 10.2% and 10.9% compared to 1999).
(Figures: Federalberghi, 2000)

TRAVEL Lost luggage
Unfortunately, when we travel, both in Italy and abroad, our luggage doesn't always arrive at destination. The Italian company Fly (Gallarate - Varese) has come up with a solution. Fly will insure your luggage against any eventuality for a total of $1000. The policy is valid in most Italian airports and can be added to any existing insurance you may have.
(Figures: Fly marketing, 2000)


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