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Marcello Parmeggiani

creato da Marcello Parmeggiani ultima modifica 17/06/2008 10:37

Marcello Targi, journalist and copywriter. Master of all things ephemeral.

targi2.jpgHe dabbles in news, delivers slogans and gets high on his imagination and other lesser mind-blowing substances. He can never remember the end of a film, but all in all has a good understanding of the universe.

frattoria de celle

Inviato da joanne ratcliffe il 31/03/2009 22:36
I have tried to contact the Frattoria de Celle using the fax number in an article posted on italiaplease in 2002. It won't respond. Is there another way to contact them. I'd like to visit the exhibits. Thanks Joanne Ratcliffe jwandje@sbcglobal.net

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