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Pescara - books, beaches and boogie

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Discover Pescara, home of D'Annunzio and cradle of the Abruzzo people. We will take you to the towns and cities on route discovering new places to visit and fun facts for each one.

PescaraPescara is just over half-way down the Adriatic coast and is the most important port in the Abruzzo region. On first impact Pescara is a decidedly modern city, with an avant-garde train station, the symbol of the new part of the city, and a busy airport. It is also home to two of the twentieth century's most important literary figures: Ennio Flaiano and Gabriele D’Annunzio. Flaiano has been somewhat neglected abroad but is one of Italy's most important authors, humorists and scriptwriters of the post-war period.

D'AnnunzioD'Annunzio, leader of Italy's decadent movement and darling of the Fascist Party, is well-known both at a national and international level. You can visit his birthplace in Corso Manthonè after choosing a hotel for the night.
There is little left of historical interest in Pescara, although the Museum of the Abruzzo People (Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo), built on the site of the ex-Bourbon prison, is well-worth a tour. And if you stray inland from the beach you'll be surprised at how much there is to visit.

Pescara, however, is a modern, dynamic city, well-known in the surrounding area for its nightlife and happening venues. Start off your evening in a local restaurant and then afterwards follow the locals to "Ex-Gaslini", (Italian-only site) an ex-factory in Via Pindaro which has become the hub of entertainment in the Abruzzo area.

And should you forget to buy a present for the folks back home then worry not, on Abruzzo in the World you can choose from a wide range of locally produced products.


Information at a glance on Pescara's two ports: Porto Canale and Pescara Marina. Italian only but easy-to-understand (even for the linguistically challenged).
Pescara Marina's official site is worth a look - not least for its 'creative' use of English.
Abruzzo's ports
A list of all the ports in the Abruzzo region. (In Italian.)


La Scuffia
Drop in at La Scuffia Yacht Club to pick up some valuable sailing tips and make new friends. (In Italian.)


Sailing in Italy

Sound advice for those wishing to sail in Italy.
Weather Vocab

A handy English-Italian glossary of weather terminology.
Weather Forecast

Tourist information
Lots of ideas for things to do in the Pescara area

Competitive sailors will enjoy the Match Race courses run by Pescara's La Scuffia Yacht Club.

Specialities from Abruzzo - A selection of specialities from Abruzzo, delivered straight to your front door.
Ecomuseum - A huge natural museum that stretches from Monte Maiella to the Pescara river valley.
Gabriele D'Annunzio - Biographical information on the author plus a bibliography of his works.
Abruzzo 2000 - Books from and about Abruzzo in English, including translations of D'Annunzio's works.

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