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Strolling across snow fields

by Ventrix last modified 2008-06-20 15:10

We put on our show-shoes and take a leisurely stroll through the snow fields of Madonna di Campiglio. Join us . . ..

Madonna di CampiglioAs we approach the end of winter why not make the most of this year's snow by donning your ciaspole (snow-shoes) and going for a walk across the white stuff. And where better than the Dolomiti del Brenta , north-west of Trento? You start our trip in Madonna di Campiglio and head across the pass towards Campo Carlo Magno. A kilometre down the other side of the mountain you'll come across the Bar del Fondista. The bar is part of Malghette Cross-country Skiing Centre, complete with changing rooms, showers and ski hire facilities. The instructors will take you on a guided walk across these breathtaking peaks taking account for your fitness level and the weather conditions. Our itinerary is suitable for both adults and children (7-8 years of age). You leave the centre and walk towards Val Gelada and follow the cross-country track for a while as you climb towards the woods. Silence reigns supreme as all sounds are muffled in this amazingly light and crisp atmosphere. This is what the mountains are all about. Your guide will point out any tracks and paw prints left by the local fauna. Look out for the hares' nests and the wolves' leftovers. You may even come across some chamois if you are lucky.
Do take a guide with you as it's not easy to find your way about the wood unaccompanied.

You'll need:
Equipment: You can hire snow-shoes at the Malghette Centre, don't forget to ask for ski-poles, too.
Clothing: Wear layers: tracksuit bottoms with leggings or woolly tights underneath. Snow-shoes can usually be fitted onto any trekking shoes. Don't forget your gloves, a hat and sunglasses to fend off the glare.
Don't forget: Your camera, a pair of binoculars and a rucksack to carry them in. (You may also be thankful for a hip-flask full of grappa or your favourite tipple.)

Winding down:
Coffee and cake
After a day on the snowfields there's nothing nicer than a slice of home-made cake. You'll be spoiled for choice in Madonna di Campiglio, but we particularly liked the torta trentina from the pasticceria Pasquini (just in front of the Hotel Savoia).
There's a wide selection of aperitifs in the Bar Suisse - in Piazza Righi in the centre of town - it's popular for before-dinner drinks so it expect crowds.
Jump on the snow cat (gatto delle nevi - a type of snow shuttle) and head 10 minutes uphill to the excellent Cascina Zeledria in Campo Carlo Magno. Ring in advance (440303) to book both a table and your transportation. The house speciality, "delizie della casa" is worth ordering: the dish is a selection of meat, polenta, cheese and vegetables which you cook for yourself on a stone griddle. If you prefer getting your food cooked for you then you can choose from a mouth-watering variety of mushroom, deer and sausage dishes. All washed down with a glass (or two) of locally produced Teroldego.

And remember, there's no business like snow business!.

Malghette cross-country skiing centre - - Skiing lessons, equipment hire and guided tours (in Italian only)
Snow-shoes - - Go walking through fields of snow
The 3-tre - - Visit Madonna di Campiglio world- famous ski-run

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