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Cervia, white strands and salt deposits

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The round-Italy boat race starts in Cervia on the Adriatic coast

PortoCervia is a charming resort surrounded by pine forests just south of Ravenna. Built on a marsh, the town was abandoned at the end of the 1700s only to be refounded in 1924 when the marshland was reclaimed.
For tourist information visit the council's website, and then check out the area for yourself thanks to these webcams - don't miss the views of Cervia's renowned nine-kilometre white strand.

Salt DepositsCervia is one of Northern Italy's most famous seaside resorts, but don't worry, it's still got some secrets for you to discover. One well-kept secret is the town's magnificent Salt Deposits (Magazzini del Sale). The two deposits - Torre Deposit and Darsena Deposit - were built in 1689 to store up to 13,000,000 kilos of salt, the town's main resource. The plans of the Deposits were inspired by the area's Romanesque churches and included three naves. The buildings were recently restored to their former glory and their stone vaults and arches now watch over conferences and exhibitions.

CerviaYou'll find a hotel to meet your needs on this web site and you'll be sure of an excellent meal at Casa delle Aie (Via Aldo Ascione, 4 - Savio di Cervia), an enormous restaurant, just outside Cervia with a great selection of home-made pasta dishes. If you want to stay in town try Osteria dei Santi (Viale Giacomo Matteotti 195, Milano Marittima), for tasty meat dishes and wonderful pizza.

Information at a glance on Cervia's two ports: Porto Canale and Marina di Cervia. Italian only but easy-to-understand (even for the linguistically challenged).
Web cams
Visit Cervia's port thanks to these web cams, allowing you to check out the boats and crews as they prepare to set sail on the GiroVela.

2. Sailing
Take to the sea with the Italian Sailing Federation. Courses for beginners and experts in Emilia Romagna.

3. Information
Cervia Vacanze
All you need to know to plan your holiday at Cervia
Emilia Romagna
Lots of useful general information on Emilia Romagna
Weather Forecast

Cervia Town Council's Tourist Information Office
Hotels on line
Eating Out

When you're in Cervia you can go sailing in the Assunta, a fishing sloop from the pre-WW2 period. The Assunta's red sails are typical of Romagna and the boat is still rigged according to tradition.

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