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Castles, forts and cemeteries

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Avellino has lots to offer the tourist but if you're stretched for time then the one thing you have to see is Avellino's mysterious castle. Head for the centre of town, Piazza Castello to be precise (kind of obvious, eh?) where you'll find the ruins of what was once an imposing castle. What's the big deal? For starters Avellino's castle is one of the oldest in Europe. As far back as the 9th Century Erchemperto, a monk from Cosenza, wrote of the stronghold: "it is uncertain when and by whom the castle was built ". The town lived in the shadow of the castle for over seven hundred years until it was destroyed in 1705 by Phillip V of Bourbon, the Viceroy of Acuna.

Feel like treating yourself to a slap-up meal? Then go no further than "Il Porcellino", (literally The little pig -you surely can't go wrong!), where you can taste local specialities such as the delicious Maccheronara alla Santangiolese.

NettunoTired? Don't worry, next stop is the beach.
Visitors come to Nettuno (named in honour of the Greek god Neptune) to stroll along its charming mediaeval streets, visit the Sangallo Fort from the 1500s and, once they have seen all the sights, relax on its sandy beach.If the water's too cold to go swimming, or if you're still recovering from lunch, don't worry, there are still plenty of things you can do. Plant-lovers will enjoy a visit to Villa Borghese with its beautiful gardens whereas historians will prefer to pay a visit to the American war cemetery, and spare a thought for the thousands of American soldiers who died in the battle following the Allied landing at Nettuno and neighbouring Anzio.
Tired? Then put your feet up on one of the hydrofoils which leave Anzio daily for the Pontine Islands - Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene.


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If you sail north out of the port make sure you keep one mile off shore as you approach the headland, you'll recognise it thanks to its trademark arch - the Arco Muto - and white tower, as sunken remains could make sailing difficult.

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