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Champions League Final fever in Milan

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Thousands of Spanish and German fans are expected in Milan for the final of the Champions League. Go to Milan on May 23rd and celebrate soccer - European style.

Champions League Final fever in MilanThousands of fans are expected over the next few days in Milan for the final of the Champions League. A final which AC Milan had hoped to be part of in celebration of their president's predicted success in the general elections - there's no prizes for guessing who we're talking about! Not everything went according to plan and Milan now plays host to Valencia and Bayern Munich and their entourage of fans.

There's no trouble expected as both teams are united by their common hatred of Real Madrid. So don't worry if you haven't got a ticket for the match - we can all meet in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (off Piazza Duomo in the centre of Milan) to look at the match on the big screen. Enthusiasts can then head for the Libreria dello Sport (Via Carducci 9) which boasts a selection of over 13,000 sports-related books and 1,500 videos.

Inter fans will undoubtedly want to stop off at the club (in Via Durini) in the hope of catching a rare glimpse of Ronaldo before driving the 50 kms north of the city to AC Milan's training centre at Milanello, with its state-of-the-art sports complex.

While Valencia's fans are busy practising their terrace songs, why not pick up a souvenir jersey of your favourite Serie A team? Order them on the net from Longoni (their outlet is on Via Arona) or Giacomelli (both sites in Italian only).

And should any of our amigos feel the call of nature then this accelerated Italian course for Spaniards will come in useful.
But where have our German friends disappeared to in all this? Chances are that you'll find some of them at Roybeer (in Via Plinio 63), one of Milan's best-stocked beer outlets. No-one there? Then try Skunky Pub (in Via Adelchi 5), where you're also sure of a great homebrewed beer. (Both sites are in Italian only, but the beer, we can guarantee, is international.)

San Siro stadium If you get to San Siro stadium in good time go to Gate 4 where you can visit the Inter-Milan Museum. It's full of photos and other memorabilia celebrating the history of Milan's two rival teams. Haven't got a ticket? You may have to settle for watching the match on screen - even the touts are empty-handed for this match.

Valencia - All you need to know about the great Spanish team, finalists for the second year running in Europe's most prestigious competition.
Bayern Munich - The official site of the famous German team.
The Inter-Milan Museum - A journey into the glorious past of Milan's rival teams.
Inter - The official site of Ronaldo's team.
AC Milan - The official site of Silvio's squad.

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