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Rieti, the central city

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A journey to the centre of Italy, through archaeological remains and lakeside beauty.

Lago del SaltoRieti, sits perched on top of a hill in the very centre of Italy. And they've got quite a ride ahead as they head inland, climbing the four hundred metres to the town centre. Rieti became provincial capital in 1927 but its origins go back much further. Recent archaeological finds date back to prehistoric times. Visit the Museo Civico and trace the town's history - art enthusiasts will like the adjoining gallery.
Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Lago del Salto (quite literally Jump Lake!) an ideal place for a stroll or, if you're feeling the heat, a splash!

There's a wide choice of accommodation in Rieti. We recommend somewhere central such as the unassumingly elegant Miramonti (Piazza Oberdan 5, +39-0746-201333) which with doubles from LIT 130,000 isn't bad for a four star hotel.

Rieti - - Information on Rieti and the surrounding area.

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